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Peak Performance

Athletes & Academics

Ever feel like you can do more, or be more, but something is in your way? Even high achievers can have deeply embedded blockages stopping us from reaching our best.

Working with Jo will help you identify and remove any limiting beliefs that you may even know know exist, making way for a level of success that most people can only dream of.

Jo has helped many students prepare for tests such as Naplan or Exams. Book a session with Jo and develop the self belief and confidence you need to achieve your goals through Mindset Coaching and TFT – Tapping.

BEST top of the world

Helping champions reach their potential

Alexia won the 2019 Stawell Gift with the assistance of Jo Pascoe. Jo considers it a huge privilege to work with athletes who are working hard to achieve their goals & takes great pride in facilitating the connection between the mind and body, which is often the missing piece of the puzzle. Jo particularly loves working with teenagers (12+) and adults, creating a winning mindset for Peak Performance.

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