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Emotional Pain

Anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma

Your emotional pain could be caused by anything at all –

  • physical trauma
  • grief
  • heartbreak
  • relationship troubles
  • family dysfunction
  • blocks and limitations
  • self esteem
  • self sabotage

the list goes on. Whatever the cause, emotional pain is often attached to an unresolved situation and it may not be obvious to you. But when similar situations arise, the same painful emotions are triggered until the past is resolved. TFT can completely clear this so that you are unable to think about the situation the same ever again, giving you the power to view it without any emotional attachment and free from the emotional (& often physical) pain.

Tapping takes away the emotional charges associated with the past.

Stop the negative emotional cycles and patterns that repeat themselves throughout life, live freely and without limitations. Once you learn Tapping, it’s a tool you can use for life, empowering you to avoid falling back into thought patterns and Live a life of joy and fulfillment.

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